Algorand Wallet

Recover an Algorand Account

Background Info:

This workflow will walk you through the steps necessary to recover an Algorand account, using your 25-word recovery passphrase. As the title suggests, this is the process of recovering (or importing) a previously created Algorand account. If you've never created an Algorand account before (or don't have a 25-word recovery phrase), this is likely the wrong tutorial for you.

Before we begin, make sure you you have your 25-word recovery passphrase handy.

Recovering an Algorand Account

1. From the homepage, tap the green + icon in the top right.

2. When choosing account type, tap Recover from Passphrase

This next step (step 3) is where you'll need your passphrase. On this page, there are 2 fields: an account name field and your recovery passphrase field. Account name is simply the display name for your account. It can be anything you want as it's stored locally and has no impact on account recovery. The passphrase field is where you'll type in your 25-word passphrase, word by word with spaces in between each word.

Note 1: It's important to make sure you enter your passphrase in the correct order, starting with your first word, then second, etc.

Note 2: Please make sure there are no typos or errors in your passphrase. While you have as many opportunities to input your passphrase as you'd like, typographical errors can lead to frustrations if it's not working.

3. Enter your account's display name as well as your passphrase. Then tap Verify.

4. That's it! If you recorded and entered your recovery passphrase correctly, it will be immediately verified.

Additional Info:

  • It's best to recover your passphrase in a private place, where no person or camera could be watching. You never want someone to see your recovery passphrase!
  • If your passphrase isn't working, try re-typing each word. Since it's a high security phrase (with 25 words), errors are likely to happen.