Algorand Wallet

Creating a New Account

Background Info

The wallet itself is made up of accounts, each with their own unique address, backup phrase, and assets. If you haven't heard these terms before I recommend checking out our other tutorials. However, here's a quick run through:

  • Your address is a unique string that is used to publicly identify your account. This is what you'll use if you (or others) want to send assets to your account. Your address will look something like this:
  • Your backup phrase (also referred to as passphrase and recovery phrase) is the 25-word string that allows you to recover your account. It is extremely important to record your backup phrase correctly and store it securely. The only way to recover an Algorand account is with this backup phrase.
    Note: Never share your backup phrase, as anyone with access to it can take full control of your account. The Algorand Wallet support team will never ask for your passphrase.
  • Your assets will include Algos and other Algorand Standard Assets (ASAs) such as USDT, USDC, etc.

Creating a new account

You might be entering this workflow immediately after setting up your Algorand Wallet or maybe you're creating additional accounts. Regardless, the workflow is the same.

1. Tap the green + icon in the top right corner of the Accounts view.

2. Tap "Create new account" to create a basic Algorand Account.

At this point, you'll begin the important backup process. This ensures that you can recover your account if something happens to your phone, app, etc. Please record your passphrase carefully.

3. Record this passphrase on a piece of paper and then tap Verify Recovery Phrase to begin the verification process.

4. Follow the instructions on the page to verify your backup phrase. You'll repeat this process 3 times.

5. At this point, you can name your account for convenience. This doesn't interact with the blockchain at all, it's merely an organization feature.

6. That's it! Your account is now verified!

7. After this process, you should see the newly created account on your Accounts view. If this was your first time creating an account, you'll only see 1 account.

Important Notes:

  • You can create as many Algorand accounts within the wallet, but each account has its own backup (recovery) passphrase. For security reasons, there is no total wallet recovery, only individual account recovery.
  • Use caution when recording and storing your passphrase. It's the only way to recover your account.